Encouraging music in our home

Music, music and more music is my husbands motto in life. He grew up in this crazy musical family where there was always singing and some kind of instrument being played. He himself can play around 6 instruments. So needless to say, when it comes to little T, exposing him to music is of utmost … Continue reading Encouraging music in our home


Let’s talk about mental illness

Now this is often considered a ‘taboo’ subject. Something we just don’t discuss. But why is that? Why are some struggles better to talk about than others? So here are some common things that people have to say about mental illness: 1. Its all in your head, you’re imagining things 2. Everyone nowadays has a … Continue reading Let’s talk about mental illness

Shelf envy

Recently we've started to change Tarick's play spaces around keeping his room as a cozy and quite space where we can be calm and relaxed, we're going to keep this space just for reading and sleeping, but downstairs we're creating a little work area for him in part of our living room. With a table … Continue reading Shelf envy